A fully automatic donation solution for your
Minecraft server.

We're committed to helping servers like yours make money from in-game monetization.

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Packed full of features

We're constantly adding new features to Enderpay, but here are some that you already know and love.

Custom domains

Use your own domain to securely host your store. Enderpay allows custom domains.

No payment limit

Enderpay does not limit the amount of payments your store can receive.

Fully automatic

Payments and commands are processed by robots without any human interaction.

Advertisement free

Enderpay is ad-free, there are no mandatory advertisements added to your store.

HTTPs encryption

Enderpay provides all stores with HTTPs encryption.

Currency conversion

Enderpay provides all stores with currency conversion.

Giftcards & sales

Enderpay supports the creation of giftcards and sales to help boost customer engagement.

Custom Templates

Enderpay allows you to modify default store templates.

Staff & Roles

Enderpay allows you to create staff and roles to share access to your store.

Our Plans

Upgrade your plan to gain access to more advanced features that Enderpay offers.


$ 0 AUD /mo
  • Name verification
  • Enderpay subdomain
  • Unlimited payments
  • In-game placeholders
  • Sales
  • Bans
  • Modules
  • Currency conversion
  • Categories
  • Packages
  • Themes


$ 6 AUD /mo
  • Features of previous plan(s)
  • Custom domain (with HTTPs)
  • Maintenance mode
  • Command queue
  • Customer inspector
  • Discord notifications
  • Variables
  • Alerts
  • Giftcards
  • No branding


$ 12 AUD /mo
  • Features of previous plan(s)
  • Staff & roles
  • Custom pages
  • Custom templates
  • Chargeback prevention
  • More coming soon...

Why Enderpay?

We're new around here, so why should you use us instead of other platforms?

Expensive plans? Look elsewhere.

We know it's tough putting together your first donation store, that's why we offer such low prices on our monthly plans.

  • Access awesome features at low cost.
  • Great for servers just getting started.

We're different.

Over time we've seen other platforms similar to ours grow, splurge into other game titles and become boring and overpriced.

Our mission is simple. Only support Minecraft and constantly introduce features that our community will love.

So what are you waiting for?